2017 Process Development Symposium. Scaling Up Processes: Solving Common Challenges. June 6-8, 2017. Toronto, ON, Canada. Register Now.
Plan to attend the 2017 Process Development Symposium this June at the Hyatt Regency Toronto in Toronto, Canada. Over two and a half days, you'll be involved in a comprehensive look at scale-up processing essentials. The theme of this year's symposium is "Scaling up Processes: Solving Common Challenges" and the program will cover topics that are relevant to all industries that are served by chemical engineers and chemists. The symposium will feature speakers from the chemical engineering profession sharing their wisdom, knowledge, tips, and personal experiences related to process development.
Register by May 1st to pay the early registration rates.
Registration includes:
  • Energizing presentations by speakers from some of the foremost industrial companies.
  • Two Receptions, two luncheons, refreshments, symposium proceedings and opportunities to learn from others seeking scale-up process development advancements.
Conference Highlights
  • Symposium Keynote Presentation delivered by Ravi Gukathasan, CEO, Digital Specialty Chemicals (DSC)
  • Eight Technical Sessions featuring speakers from the chemical engineering profession sharing their wisdom, knowledge, tips, and personal experiences related to research and development in scale-up.
  • Engaging Poster Reception, a dynamic keynote address and a highly interactive discussion session.
Technical Sessions
  • Process Optimization and Efficiency: Reducing Time to Commercial
  • Transitioning from Batch to Continuous Processes
  • "Bridging the Valley of Death": Overcoming Commercialization Obstacles
  • Interactive Session
  • The Role of Models and Computation in Process Development
  • Case Studies
  • Addressing Common Development Issues across Industry: Economic Perspective and Evaluation
  • Evaluating Mixing Techniques for Scale-up Processes
The complete Process Development Symposium program can be viewed here.
Be prepared to leave with critical knowledge on topics that will help you on the job such as taking processes to commercialization, economic evaluation, risk mitigation, and process optimization. Also included will be an evening poster reception and an interactive session where seasoned veterans will share their process development and scale-up "war stories." Attendees will have ample opportunity to network with experts from all sectors of the process development industry.
Who Should Attend?
  • Engineers and Managers Working on Product and Process Development
  • Process Engineers
  • Process Improvement Managers
  • Researchers and Development Specialists
  • Consultants
More information can be found at www.aiche.org/pds.
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